The Native American proverb -

                             “We will be known forever by the tracks we leave”

           Inspired us to create the Tracks We Leave (TWL) platform, which is aimed at expanding the base of volunteers and donors who have the urge to participate actively in palliative care programme.

Tracks We Leave (TWL) is an initiative by the Pain and Palliative Care Society based on the belief that all human beings essentially want to do good to others. However, acts of care and support to fellow human beings often tend to be occasional and irregular. TWL aims to provide a regular channel to the 'Good Samaritan' face we all have. The initiative also aims to widen the base of the community that wants to contribute to this cause.

If you believe that you want to participate in providing pride in life and dignity in death to your fellow beings, please register yourself as a volunteer and pledge to contribute a small sum of 3 Rupees/day (Rs. 1000/- per year or its equivalent). This contribution will be used towards patient support, Socio-economic rehabilitation programs, training and research activities.

Because I Care’ is a mass campaign by the Institute of Palliative Medicine to spread awareness about palliative care and to mobilise resources for extending the organisations services to more patients in need of palliative care. The campaign is conducted with the active participation of the Students in Palliative Care(SIPC), an initiative of IPM to engage students as volunteers in the activities of the organisation. With the ‘Because I Care’ campaign, IPM along with SIPC is aiming to find a firm anchor to broaden the scope of its services and involve more people in the ventures.

  • Online payment options are available
  • Minimum contribution is Rs. 1000/annum
  • Contributions are preferred in multiples of 1000
  • Tax exemption on donations
  • Free subscription of Newsletter, event invitations reports etc. to the donors
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