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Palliative care is all about team work. The role of health professionals are limited in taking care of the large spectrum of problems of palliative patients. The role of volunteers in palliative care in patient care, running a clinic, resource mobilization etc are well recognized. Find out how you can be a part of IPM…


Different people have their own different reasons to volunteer at IPM and be a part of this journey. Volunteers are an integral part of palliative care and whatever we have achieved would not have been possible without them. There are different areas in which you can volunteer and each of these areas have several tasks which you can take up depending upon the time that you are willing to keep aside for this cause. You could be a student, a homemaker or from any profession, you can be a volunteer at IPM if you have a compassionate heart.
Areas of possible volunteer involvement are mentioned below. The voluntary services are broadly categorised into two areas:

  1. General services: You don’t need to have any professional expertise in order to be a part of these services. The general services are divided into 7 areas: Ambience maintenance, Kitchen and Store, Office assistant, fund raising, Patient care, drivers and hospitality.
  2. Professional services: If you have any special skill or if you have any professional expertise in any field, then you can render your service to us. We are primarily focussing on a few areas. They are: Doctors, nurses, Plumbing, Electrical work, Digital platforms, Computer maintenance, data entry and analysis, Documentation, Creative skills such as painting, writing, storytelling, videography, photography etc.

Each area has tasks that require long-term engagements and short-term engagements. Different tasks will be assigned to you based on the time you will be available, your area of interest and the needs of the organisation. You can also take up a one-time task if you only have limited time available. Each volunteer will have to register before they start volunteering and the registration process is different for long-term and short-term engagements. If you are interested in volunteering at areas such as patient care, you will have to go through a compulsory training program.


1) Ambience maintenance :
Ambience maintenance deals with the total beautification and maintenance of the Institute’s premises.

  • Front yard
  • Vegetable garden
  • Courtyards
  • Cleaning the surroundings (plastic free campus, waste management)
  • Forest maintenance
  • Painting the walls
  • Open Air Theatre

  • 2) Kitchen and Store :
    At IPM, food is served to all its patients, bystanders and staff every day. We need volunteers to maintain the quality of food and improve kitchen functioning.
  • Cooking Assistant – under the supervision of the chief chef
  • Serving
  • Cleaning
  • Transportation
  • Waste Management

  • 3) Assistance at the office :
    The volunteer in this area has to be available on demand. There will be several works at the office and the volunteer will be assigned based on the need arising at the office and the availability of the volunteer.

    4) Resource Mobilisation :
    Resource mobilisation includes matters such as fund raising and procurement of other resources required for the organisation.
  • Tracks we leave -Tracks we leave is a fund raising initiative where the donors donate a particular amount of money every year. The volunteer can help the organisation find new donors and do the follow-up procedures to collect the amount from the donors who are already a part of the initiative.
  • Finding new Donors
  • Box collection
  • Charity shop - This is an initiative to raise funds by selling several products which are made by the inmates of IPM and also other products procured from other sources.
  • Preparing Project proposal – Several projects can be undertaken in order to raise funds. Planning these projects, preparing project proposals, implementing these projects have to be done here

  • 5) Patient Care :
    Patient care is an area where the volunteers directly engage with the patient and take care of them.
  • Volunteer at the In-patient Clinic
  • Volunteer at the Out-patient Clinic
  • Helping to shift/transport the patient, spending time with the patients, Psychological support, as a substitute for the bystander, providing basic care etc…
  • Compulsory basic training in patient care and communication is a necessary to work in this area

  • 6) Drivers :
    We need volunteers who can drive, at different areas and these volunteers have to be available on demand.
  • If the person has necessary qualification for driving (four-wheeler) the person can go with the home care unit on specified dates
  • The driver going with the home care unit will have to go through a basic training in patient care
  • Other drivers will be called on demand for other purposes such as taking the volunteers for training, material purchasing etc.
  • Volunteers who are qualified to drive an Ambulance

  • 7) Reception and Hospitality
    We want to make sure that all our patients feel comfortable and are welcomed well at IPM. Making sure that our patients feel at home is very important for us and we need your help for it.
  • Volunteer will be in charge of the IP and OP clinic’s reception
  • Receiving the patients coming to IP and OP
  • Receiving phone calls at the reception


    If you are a professional in any of the below given areas you can be a volunteer and render us your help.

  • Doctors
  • Physiotherapist / Occupational therapy
  • Nurse
  • Psychologist
  • Plumbing
  • Digital platform- Social media management, Content development, Web development, Liaison management, Digital fundraising, Software development,
  • Electrical work- AC mechanic
  • Carpentry
  • Equipment maintenance – Repairing of wheel chair, medical equipment, trolleys etc.
  • Computer, Printer maintenance
  • Other patient care related professions


    • Registration process differs according to the kind of engagement that you are willing to have with the organisation.
    • Volunteer registration is done through the secretary of the organisation who is also the volunteer’s co-ordinator
    • Mentioning the availability of the volunteer including specific dates and time is necessary
    • The duty of the volunteer will be decided jointly by volunteer and the coordinator in charge
    • If you are willing to have a long term engagement (more than a month), you will have to fill in your details in a separate form which can be collected from the secretary’s office
    • You can also take up one time tasks without going through any registration process if you will be available only for a day
    • The secretary will mention areas where training is necessary at the time of registration
    • No volunteer activities in any areas will be encouraged without the permission or knowledge of secretary or the concerned authority.

    • Download Application Form

      Please contact Ms Chandralekha (Mobile - +91 9447 33 82 50), Secretary, Pain and Palliative Care Society, for more details and clarifications.